Apr 30, 2009

Kemalasan Terlampau

Saya..sebagai budak Universiti ************** (bil bintang tak mengikut bilangan huruf) yg sgt malas~ ingin membuat konpesyen...yang saya sgt malas untuk membuat repot fyp saya kerana :

1. saya reka je result..sbb exp saya tk jadik!!
2. tktau nak diskas pe...sbb saya jrg gile diskas ngan SV
3. saya tk suke fyp saya
4. saya ngantuk dan malas..sbb umet saya pun mls!!! (oih..kasik aku smgt sket)

uwaaaaaaaaaaaa...dh thp kemalasan dewa nie..huhuhuhuhu...tolong2

Apr 28, 2009

geram mode

eiii..geram tol r..sapa tah ltk kerusi ats kasut aku...abes lkt bekas...ni musti nk betolkn blekout smlm...pe r..agk2 r...cuba kena kt kasut ko!grRRR..brani tol!tau r gelap..agk2 r..dh r kaler putih kasut guaA!x psl2 kasut aku kene..apa slh gua?gua x kacau lu lu jgn kacau gua!~ tu satu hal...tadi tgh sdp2 mkn ngn chu smbil lyn tv tetibe de laki masuk umh!warghhhhhhhhhhh...kantoi..sebek dia x msukk..pnt gi lari amek tudung tau!hahahahaA..itu r..tv kuat sgt..org ketuk pn x dengo..isk2...dh r silap rmh nk repair pintu pn...pe la abg ni...hak hak..sebek brpkaian sopan..uwaAAAA...

Apr 21, 2009

confession of a shopaholic

Sebuah filem yg diadaptasi dari sebuah novel

Tetiba terasa sendiri tengok muvie nih..ha2 tp mls nk komen ape2.so bc jelah confession kat bwh ni.sedap2 duk google tetiba terjumpa..layannnnnnn

DEAR mom and dad, I have a confession. I haven’t exactly been the greatest kid a parent could ask for and I feel that this is one way to redeem myself.

I have a problem, a serious problem and I do not know how else to deal with it. I am a shopaholic.

I admit I spend your hard-earned money on things I barely need. I admit that I have to buy at least one item from a store before I leave. It is like a little souvenir. I admit that when I feel upset, a “little” shopping spree is all it takes to put me back in a jolly good mood.

I know there are people with far worst addictions, so what is mine in comparison? Nothing, right?

I was watching Confessions of a Shopaholic and a realisation hit me. Okay, shopping may seem superficial but there were some values to be learnt from the movie.

No, not that shopping is bad for your bank account. More like good parents (thrifty ones in this case) do not always produce good children. In the movie, Rebecca Bloomwood is a shopaholic and a sucker for high end merchandise while her parents are thrift store surveyors. I see an uncanny similarity in our family.

We are not rich and fall into the working middle class group. Dad gives me an allowance every week or so, but there are no special treatments – like a spa allowance or a first class ticket to an island whenever I am stressed. Heck, I don’t even own my own Lamborghini.

My parents are firm believers that money doesn’t grow on trees. Both my parents grew up in working class families and faced far more difficult times.

I was always taught that I needed to save my allowance if I wanted something. If I walked into Toys R US and saw the latest Malibu Barbie doll mansion, I couldn’t flutter my eyelashes and hope daddy will buy it for me. Even if I decided to throw a terrible toddler tantrum, daddy and mommy would be firm and drag me out of the store.

Most times, I bought things with pocket money I saved, plus whatever I got from relatives as ang pow.

As I grew older, I read fashion magazines and wanted to look like a fashionista – or, in my own words, an Asian version of Nicole Richie. There was an urge to buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

One thing was never enough. Regardless of how perenially stylish a black-coloured top was, I’d always end up wanting more. One handbag in a staple color was not enough either. I needed a dozen bags in a dozen colours to suit each and every one of my outfits.

So how was I to get more money for that? Daddy would obviously not give me pocket money to burn on another pair of green wedges. Working during the holidays would always come in handy for that shopping fix I needed.

Mom would always remind me to think of the less fortunate. To put it in her words, “Wouldn’t it be better if you saved the money that you worked so hard to collect?”

But it never seemed to work. At the beginning of the semester, I would go to malls with friends and all the best sales were during that time. And when there was a mark down, my fingers were just itching to buy. I must shamelessly admit that I squirreled away many of my purchases before anyone could ask. Dad, remember the bag I said was a free gift? It wasn’t free.

I try to tell myself to save money, but it always seems to come to nothing. The only time I don’t shop is when I don’t have any money. Which is why I think it is a smart of my parents to not allow me a credit card. I could end up exactly like Rebecca Bloomwood, deep in debt and regret.

Sometimes when I feel like complaining for not getting a bigger allowance, or am envious of my friends who shop off their parents’ credit cards with no limits at all, I tell myself this – money is not easy to obtain. You have to work for it and only then will you appreciate its value. My parents have taught me well even though I have trouble trying to be wise when it comes to money.

So mom and dad, I promise you that I will try to save money and ignore the sales and beautiful shoes (unless I really really need them). After all, saving just might do us all a little good in this economic recession.

Apr 17, 2009

warkah buat leha yang dibar


Recently the UTP management has made it compulsory for all to settle the outstanding summons before collecting the examination slip. Failure to do so will result to barring from sitting for the final examinations.

The Welfare department of MPPUTP would like to assist students who have not yet settle the summons. Therefore, if you would like to request for a second chance for summons payment, you may submit your details to use through this online formMPPUTP will do all its best to forward this matter to the management.

MPPUTP will do all its best to forward this matter to the management.

Latest News from Rector

Dear all,

Please be advised that all payments for outstanding summons must be made IMMEDIATELY to avoid any inconvenience later.  The minimum payment requirements still remains.

Thank you.

final year life - hakikat yang pahit utk dilalui

Whoever said that final year is easy is either; 
  • Delusional
  • Had amnesia, or 
  • A pure genius

1) Latest News From Rector : Outstanding Summons

Dear Students,

Please be REMINDED that students with outstanding summons WILL NOT be allowed to collect your Confirmation of Examination slips. Consequently, you will be BARRED from sitting for the January Semester 2009 Final examinations. 
Hence, students with outstanding summons are required to make payments as below : 

i. Students with accumulated summons of RM 500.00 AND ABOVE are required to make a MINIMUM payment of RM 500.00 by 14 April 2009 at 4.00 pm. The remaining amount MUST
be paid in full before being allowed to collect the January Semester 2009 examination results, failing which, you will not be allowed to register for the following semester.

ii. Students with accumulated summons of BELOW RM 500.00 are required to settle the payment in FULL by 14 April, 2009 at 4.00 pm.

Payments can be made by money order / postal order / cheque to “INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY PETRONAS SDN BHD” or directly at the Finance Counter, Level G, Chancellor Complex, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.
APPEALS on summons will not be entertained. 

Kindly adhere .
Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Hj. Kasim
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bandar Seri Iskandar
31750 Tronoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel : +605-368 8181
Fax: +605-368 8113
Email : zainaks@petronas.com.my

Apr 9, 2009

what the..

eii..marah tol r...bende ni dh lama dh..tapi tah tetiba angin..wei..x yh r masuk blok pmpuan..ngada r dak2 laki nk anto awek smpai dpn tgga..euww...nk tnjuk caring r tu..warghhh.,..emo!

Apr 6, 2009

versi exercise di kantor..spesel tuk korang yg dh kije..=b

kalau dah stress atau mengantuk sangat kat opis
amik masa 7 minit untuk buat
senaman ringan ini..

ikut la arahan betul2...

ni ala taichi sikit la...
sebagai intro dan warming up..

tiru la macam ni...
untuk melegakan bahu dan leher..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

gerak kekanan kemudian ke kiri..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
gerak ke kiri kemudian ke kanan

ikut je ler... jangan terpusing kepala udah la..

tepuk kuat kuat kat dahi..
ni untuk hilang mengantuk..

dah tu buat gerakan tangan dan badan...
buat macam happy aje..

kemudian goyang2 kaki dan badan sikit...
buat macam takde masaalah...

buat secara aggresive pula...
jangan peduli apa orang lain kata..

hilangkan semua stress...

pusingkan kepala...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
tengok muka kat cermin
sambil goyang2.. lawa tak...

akhir sekali
buat joget kucing...

kalau tak hilang juga
ambil bantal kecik gi tidur kat surau...=b

Apr 5, 2009

before & after

New school semester

At the first week

At the second week

Before the mid-term test

During the mid-term test

After the mid-term test

Once know the final exam schedule

Before the final exam

7days before the final exam

6days before the final exam

5days before the final exam

4days before the final exam

3days before the final exam

2days before the final exam

1days before the final exam

A night before the final exam

1hour before the final exam

During the final exam

Once walk out from the exam hall

After the final exam during the holiday

Apr 3, 2009

Oh kamu!

Okes. Emosi kurang stabil beberapa hari ni sebab berlaku banyak hal. Hey..kaum lelaki macam laa korang xpernah marah2. Tapi jarang la ktorang kaum wanita ni menghina korang bukan2.

Paling benci bila dorang kate:

PMS ek???
Period ek???
Monopaus ek??

Berani cakap kat kawan2 perempuan je. Cuba kat awek sendiri pijak semut pun xmati. Haha. At least kalo betoi laa kan mende2 korang cakap tuh, boleh laa ek nak marah2???? Bistu kalo korang marah2 plak pasal pe?? Ehem. Same reason cm kat atas gak ek??? Uh!! Xsangka korang pun ley camtuh gak ek~~~ =pp

Kamon ah korang, marah2 bukan sebab kat atas tuh je. Tanya ah dulu b4 kuarkan ayat2 kurang sedap tuh dulu. Ok. Saye garang!!!! 1 more thing kadang2 xmarah pun, tapi sape suh judge camtuh pastuh pandai2 cakap word2 kat atas tuh. Mood yang elok memang bertuka jadi xelok k!!

pssst : nak cakap gitu, g cakap kat awek sendiri! baru xhipokrit~~sape sokong angkat tangan!!!!