lagu untuk gf terabai

You could be my unintended choice
to live my life extended
you could be the one i'll always love

you could be the one who listens
to my deepest inquisitions
you could be the one i'll always love

i'll be there as soon as i can
but i'm busy mending broken
pieces of the life i had before

first there was the one who challenged
all my dreams and all my balance
she could never be as good as you

p/s: taktau lately suke nangis bila kalo marah orang lain x pulak..aih jiwa sensitip sungguh..x niat pon nak menyalahgunakan air mata ini tapi apakan daya dah jadi habit kot...ekeke nk termuntah plak aku yg ganaz ini suke teriak..aih T__T

what to do


  1. er...persoalannya di sini...cang ganaz ke ko...hak hak~

  2. haha..bajet je tu kn leha??chunk po sentimental ni...

  3. hak hak!betol2..>_<" cang sensitip r skang..x roXXX r gini~!


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