On your bike - A very polite way of telling someone to f*** off.

i just realized the meaning of those phrase through this site .

i have no further comment bout that but am really disappointed with the people who use those phrase as the slogan for their event.. Actually i've been attracted to read through about this since yesterday when i read newspaper. (now im falling in love with The Star & NST) coz everything was there!everybody can give their POV and publish there.but (pssstttt!!) sometimes i do like gossips in Metro & Pancaindera Berita Harian.LOL!

One of the readers had seen the sticker "ON YOUR BIKE, MALAYSIA" on somebody's car..he just want to express his disappointment and share with others. Just like me..sharing is caring :)

p/s : i dont think the slogan is appropriate during our Malaysia Day which will be celebrated on this 16th Sep 2011.#just saying and PEACE ^^


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