Reality seorang student!

Lec: "Everybody, please leave now, I have class!"
Student: "Can I stay?"
Lec: "I don't think so."
Student: "This is urgent. I have viva next week. My external ask me to do bla bla bla..."
Lec: "I know. But I've booked this lab for my class today"
Student: (conscience voice: ahhh..aku dok hujung2 dunia je pon..tak kacau orang pon!your class pon tak full kot..)

What to do?!I'm just a STUDENT not yet a LECTURER. When I become lecturer soon, I'm going to be more tolerant to student.

Thanks Mr A (not his real name BTW). But it's okay. Maybe you just don't know how desperately urgent I am right now.Sorry for mentioning you in my blog~

p:/s: baru je dapat installed ICON v6.5 pagi ni..tiba2 kena halau. dh la network license..bukan standalone..sah2 kena wt kt lab~!waaaaaaaaaaa~~

=aku yg  pasrah=


  1. Saper Mr. A tu..? Haha. Some lecturer mmg camtu. =)
    *mentioning ICON, mesti Block 5 ni. :)

  2. Alamak~kantoi!haa mana leh gitau..confirm la Mr Z kenal~garang gila tadi..~lols


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