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Rosmah: "Critics might be frustrated and jealous"
The prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor believes that her critics might be “frustrated and jealous” of her achievements which have contributed to her receiving an honorary doctorate from Curtin University in Perth.

Jealous?Yes I am!but I would be more jealous to others who getting the doctorate after a lot of hard work and research. BTW, it is more to frustrated rather than jealous~

p/s: wondering when is my turn to further study in phD..*sigh* [kena kawin dlu agaknya..lmbt lg!benci!]

Lady Sasa


  1. agree dgn ko!frustrated too!x kan la jealous kot kan..haha

  2. hahah..tah!~wei rindu!meh la apply UniMAP..ahaks


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